Response to a Q&A

So we ran a Q&A on Instagram the other week and one of the questions was “Why does all your shoots look the same?”

It’s a legitimate question and I’ll be honest and say the person who wrote this question does have a valid point. There is actually a few reasons for the style I have developed. It’s also a reason Lily has come on board as the Creative Director here at A-D-Atelier and we do have some awesome things planned for the future.

The main reason however is that in my normal art practice. I’m actually a minimalist artist and it is this approach I have taken to A-D-Atelier as I find a lot of fetish photography to be cluttered and over complicated. No disrespect to the people who produce all the great work out there. But for me personally it doesn’t do anything and the subject of the work is often lost in complicated backgrounds, excessive use of furniture and poor colour palette choices.

The second lesser reason is that we are only into our first studio space. As you can imagine it does take time, effort and resources to gather everything a fetish studio needs. But the journey we take to get there is also worth showing since the journey is often more important than the result.

Thanks to all who support our work it’s greatly appreciated by myelf, Lily and all the girls in A-D-Atelier and stay tuned. There is some great things on the horizon. :)



P.S. I’ve uploaded a small gallery of my minimalist photography.