Big Update!

Apologies for the big lack of updates on this blog, I can’t really say why there has been a lack of updates, however if you are from a country that has jury in your legal system you can guess what I’ve been doing and it has been quite a struggle in devoting enough time to A-D-Atelier.

Anyway so what has been happening you ask?

  • The store is now fully functional with credit card processing and PayPal.

  • Lily, who is a fantastic artist in her own right, has come onboard as a partner and during my absence has been doing a fantastic job. I owe her more than you could imagine.

  • We now have three different studio options available to us.

You may remember a while ago, where I was talking about bringing in a members section. After giving it a lot of though I decided not to go down that path. There was a few reasons, but at the end of the day, the system I’m using actually gives the models the recognition they deserve and they own what they do. If you follow their Instagram you will see what I mean.

On behalf of all the team here at A-D-Atelier, we thank you all for the awesome support. It really has been mind blowing how supportive you all are.

Cheers, AD