As we mentioned earlier. We spent a weekend away out of the studio in the lovely Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

Here is the previews of the first set available from what was truly a remarkable weekend.

The full set can be purchased in our sture here

Amy and Florencia

It was asked for. Our original girl with our newest.

Amy showing Florencia how it works at A-D-Atelier

Full set can be purchased here


So a number of the team here at A-D-Atelier went away and did something completely different. I guess you could call it a working holiday. But it was a full weekend with lots of latex!

All the sets will be available soon!

Response to a Q&A

So we ran a Q&A on Instagram the other week and one of the questions was “Why does all your shoots look the same?”

It’s a legitimate question and I’ll be honest and say the person who wrote this question does have a valid point. There is actually a few reasons for the style I have developed. It’s also a reason Lily has come on board as the Creative Director here at A-D-Atelier and we do have some awesome things planned for the future.

The main reason however is that in my normal art practice. I’m actually a minimalist artist and it is this approach I have taken to A-D-Atelier as I find a lot of fetish photography to be cluttered and over complicated. No disrespect to the people who produce all the great work out there. But for me personally it doesn’t do anything and the subject of the work is often lost in complicated backgrounds, excessive use of furniture and poor colour palette choices.

The second lesser reason is that we are only into our first studio space. As you can imagine it does take time, effort and resources to gather everything a fetish studio needs. But the journey we take to get there is also worth showing since the journey is often more important than the result.

Thanks to all who support our work it’s greatly appreciated by myelf, Lily and all the girls in A-D-Atelier and stay tuned. There is some great things on the horizon. :)



P.S. I’ve uploaded a small gallery of my minimalist photography.


We have a new update for everyone. The gorgeous Alison.

Set can be found here

Max Black

One of main suppliers here at A-D-Atelier has had the unfortunate happen. Their shopfront in Newtown, Sydney was badly damaged by fire last weekend. We were actually there only a few hours before hand stocking up on some latex goodies.

Whilst the physical store might be closed, their online store is still operating and I’m sure they would appreciate the support.


Big Update!

Apologies for the big lack of updates on this blog, I can’t really say why there has been a lack of updates, however if you are from a country that has jury in your legal system you can guess what I’ve been doing and it has been quite a struggle in devoting enough time to A-D-Atelier.

Anyway so what has been happening you ask?

  • The store is now fully functional with credit card processing and PayPal.

  • Lily, who is a fantastic artist in her own right, has come onboard as a partner and during my absence has been doing a fantastic job. I owe her more than you could imagine.

  • We now have three different studio options available to us.

You may remember a while ago, where I was talking about bringing in a members section. After giving it a lot of though I decided not to go down that path. There was a few reasons, but at the end of the day, the system I’m using actually gives the models the recognition they deserve and they own what they do. If you follow their Instagram you will see what I mean.

On behalf of all the team here at A-D-Atelier, we thank you all for the awesome support. It really has been mind blowing how supportive you all are.

Cheers, AD