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Hi Everyone. First, the team here at A-D-Atelier would like to sincerely thank you for all the support you have given us since 2017 when A-D-atelier became a project. The support has really been inspiring for all of us. As a matter of fact when checking Facebook memories this past week we noticed that two years ago we had only just broken through 1000 followers on Instagram.

A-D-Atelier has now reached a point where some difficult decisions need to be made. We have reached a crossroads. Do we scale back and keep it as an art project or do we expand and turn it into our profession? Thankfully we have decided to take the jump and turn it into our profession. But we can’t do this alone and need your support. We will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign to make this happen.


Our current studio

Our current situation

Whilst it is a dream for a lot of people to work from home. The reality is that for the work that we do and where we aim to take A-D-Atelier into the future requires a dedicated studio. The current space is quite small and is part of an unused section of Allan’s house.

In addition to the small studio space, we also lack sufficient space for our growing collection of wardrobe, bdsm gear, photography gear and both Allan and Lily lack suitable office space.

As a professional endeavour we also need a suitable reception area and proper change room facilities for our models.

At this time A-D-Atelier is generating enough income to pay for general day to day expenses. However like a lot of creative endeavours obtaining the resources to go from a home based business to a professional studio takes significant investment.


  1. To obtain a suitable building that can be converted easily into a professional artist studio for A-D-Atelier and the two artists behind it.

  2. Increase the available wardrobe, bdsm gear and technology. We would gladly accept suppliers donating wardrobe and equipment in lieu of funds.

  3. To host fetish educational events and workshops by visiting experts.

  4. Exhibition space for A-D-Atelier and other emerging artists.

Finally one of the struggles that emerging artists face when finishing school is finding a suitable place to be able to practice their art. One of the things we will be doing is making available the working area of A-D-Atelier to emerging artists so they can practice their art in an affordable, open and friendly venue. In addition to this both Lily and Allan can provide mentoring to the next generation of artists coming through.

One of the properties we are looking at


Products and Services

For A-D-Atelier specifically our aim is to produce a number of digital and physical products in addition to what we already provide. However for clarity the following will be the expected product list.

  • Digital photo sets and video productions

  • Fine Art prints

  • Art Books and Bespoke handcrafted books

  • Fetish workshops by visiting experts.

  • Quarterly fetish and art magazine featuring the work of A-D-Atelier and other artists as picked by Lily and Allan.

In addition to what we will offer through A-D-Atelier we also intend to open A-D-Atelier to the broader community, especially emerging artists. Using our background in Fine Arts we aim to provide

  • Studio Space for emerging artists

  • Art Consultancy

  • Fine Art from the collections of Lily and Allan


How much will we need?

After exploring the available properties, how much we would need to invest in outfitting a building and additional technology we have come to a figure of $30,000.

Broken down the the amounts are thus: (amounts in aud)

  • $10,000 to $15,000 for 12 months rent

  • $5,000 for outfitting and initial utilities.

This $20,000 will enable us to secure a space with sufficient leeway to outfit and pay for the first few months of utilities.

A stretch goal will be an additional $10,000 to upgrade our technology, wardrobe and gear.

Something to consider about this. We are close to 20,000 Instagram followers alone. Just $1 dollar from each of our fans would be enough for us to achieve our goals.



Like all crowdfunding activities we wouldn’t ask without offering something in return and these are our rewards.

  • $10 Personalised thank you video from one of our models.

  • $25 a digital subscription of a quarterly magazine that we intend to produce

  • $50 An personalised thank you poster signed by one of our models

  • $100 A limited edition calendar

  • $500 100 page book featuring all of our models, history of A-D-Atelier and biographies of Lily and Allan

  • $1000 The same book as above but handcrafted and numbered with a certificate of originality and these are truly works of art


For corporate and business sponsors we intend to feature you in the first edition of the quarterly magazine and provide free advertising for 12 months across our website, quarterly magazine and social media platforms. We have an extensive social media following and the entire team and our reach is amongst the highest in the fetish art world globally.

If you wish to donate before the campaign official starts you can do so through the button below.