Crowdfunding Campaign

Hi Everyone. First, the team here at A-D-Atelier would like to sincerely thank you for all the support you have given us since 2017 when A-D-atelier became a project. The support has really been inspiring for all of us. As a matter of fact when checking Facebook memories this past week we noticed that two years ago we had only just broken through 1000 followers on Instagram.

A-D-Atelier has now reached a point where some difficult decisions need to be made. We have reached a crossroads. Do we scale back and keep it as an art project or do we expand and turn it into our profession? Thankfully we have decided to take the jump and turn it into our profession. But we can’t do this alone and need your support. We will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign to make this happen.

Amy’s first shoot with Allan circa 2016

Amy’s first shoot with Allan circa 2016

Amy wearing House of  House of Etiquette  Latex. The first shoot proper of for A-D-Atelier

Amy wearing House of House of Etiquette Latex. The first shoot proper of for A-D-Atelier

Our History

Allan first become interested in the Fine Arts back in the early 2000’s when he was working in business consultancy in Sydney. Through friends he became interested in Latex Fetish and BDSM. This interest peaked to such an extent that in 2008 he enrolled into university and began a Fine Arts degree. During the degree program he focused mainly on fashion photography and art theory and spent 12 months studying at the famed Bauhaus University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours at Distinction level.

By the end of his degree he had been photographing models from leading agencies, held several exhibitions and had become quite well known for his minimalist influenced concrete photography. During the final year of his degree however, tragedy struck with the passing of his mother in 2014. After this period his creative output dropped and like many people when losing such an amazing loved one he really struggled to get things moving again.


In early 2016 a young model had just arrived in Newcastle and was looking for some shoots. Allan took on the job on a free basis and did a swimwear shoot and a fitness shoot. The model? A young Amy. Whilst putting together these shoots something clicked with Allan and he asked Amy if she was interested in doing a latex fashion shoot. The designs came from House of Etiquette in Canada. At the same time as the latex shoot with Amy was being put together Ulorin Vex contacted Allan and was interested in shooting after seeing his fetish work. It was due to these two models that he decided to build the small studio space that eventually became A-D-Atelier.

By far the most important factor in the growth of A-D-Atelier from a small art project to where we are now is Lily becoming a business partner and creative director. It has been her single minded drive that has helped put A-D-Atelier on the map within the latex fetish community and without the her A-D-Atelier would still just be a minor art project without any real impact.

Our current situation

Whilst it is a dream for a lot of people to work from home. The reality is that for the work that we do and where we aim to take A-D-Atelier into the future requires a dedicated studio. The current space is quite small and is part of an unused section of Allan’s house. There is also a lack of office space for both Allan and Lily and storage is quite difficult.

At this time A-D-Atelier is generating enough income to pay for general day to day expenses. We would love to create more elaborate shoots but for now we lack the resources to do so.

The Current A-D-Atelier shooting space.

The Current A-D-Atelier shooting space.

Example interior of a property we are looking at

Example interior of a property we are looking at



What are goals looking forward?

Our first and most immediate goal is to secure a proper shop front with ample room for a studio. We envisage that the reception will display not only A-D-Atelier’s best work but both Lily’s and Allan’s work with their respective artistic media which we will write about closer to the launch of the crowdfunding campaign.

The building example to the left is a former shop. It features more than adequate space for a studio, internal and outside storage, office space and a shop front. I believe it’s a former hardware store.

We are generally happy with our technology level. We do use professional photographic equipment already but if there is two things that would be a bonus. That would be HD Video camera for videos and a commercial printer so we can have better control over the physical products that we sell.

Longer term we will be looking at a more extensive wardrobe and prop selection.

Products we will sell and provide as gratitude to our backers

Our aim is to produce posters, fine art prints, calendars, photo books, quarterly A-D-Atelier Magazine and handcrafted bespoke fine art books that will literally be one of a kind.

We will also be better placed to produce even more digital photo sets and HD video of our models..

Other services we will offer

In addition as the studio for A-D-Atelier, as both Allan and Lily as young and emerging artists they are aware of the difficulty for emerging artists to find suitable studio spaces once they complete their studies. We will also be opening the A-D-Atelier building for emerging artists to practice their profession in a safe, progressive and nurturing environment and to act as mentors if needed. We found in Newcastle that emerging artists really lack not only work spaces but also the mentoring that experienced and established artists can provide as they go from being a student to a professional artist.

We are also looking at branching out into the world of art consultancy. With our backgrounds, exhibition histories and being practicing artists we are perfectly placed to be able to provide clients with up to date and relevant advice on the type of art that would add value to their business.

Finally A-D-Atelier will be a safe place women and for those with alternative lifestyles. There will always be fresh coffee on hand for a chat, time out and from time to time fetish education with visiting experts.

How much will we need?

Goal 1. Rent for 12 months in a suitable building. Based on what is available that suits our purposes this would cost $10,000 to $15,000. This number would also include our outfitting costs since Allan is a former tradesperson and Lily is a talented craftsperson herself and a lot of the work they will be doing themselves.


Goal 2. A HD video camera, additional studio equipment/printer and more extensive wardrobe. We believe for our needs we can accomplish this for $5,000.

Goal 3. Any amount above $20,000 would allow us to dedicate more of our time to A-D-Atelier than what we already do. One of the big impediments to our growth is that it is actually hard to justify spending time away from our everyday lives to A-D-Atelier. Further, any amount above $20,000 would allow us to pay our awesome team properly. At the moment they earn a little through our webstore but like Lily and Allan, they do find it difficult despite how much they love to do so, to spend time in the studio more than what they currently do.


So that’s only $20,000. If you look at our Instagram following, if everyone contributed just $1 we would achieve our goal of properly establishing a women friendly business that will not only produce amazing content, but also assist emerging artists as they themselves embark on their careers and providing a safe community portal for women and those of an alternative lifestyle.