Some News about our Crowdfunding Campaign

Hi Everyone We received a few questions about our crowdfunding campaign and how it all links in with various other forms of income that A-D-Atelier receives.

Here at A-D-Atelier we have always strove to be as transparent as possible. A few people have asked questions on whether a Patreon subscription gives them any of the benefits that are on offer in our crowdfunding campaign. Unfortunately, the two streams of funding are separate and having a Patreon doesn’t provide any benefits other than what we offer through Patreon.

Soon we will be completely revamping the content of A-D-Atelier and how we provide our content.

There are some really exciting things in the pipeline happening very soon and everyone who is part of A-D-Atelier is very excited on what we have planned.

Finally, a huge shout out to everyone who has contributed to our crowdfunding campaign so far. We will have some news soon on our progress.