Questions about the Store


i've purchased a set. Where do I download it?

You will receive an email together with your receipt which will have the download link. You will need to use winzip/winrar to open the file. 


I've purchased a print/poster. How are these shipped. 

All physical purchases will be shipped once a week via Australia Post and will take 3-5 days depending on location to arrive. Prints can take longer since they are only printed on demand. 


What is the difference between a poster and a print?

A poster is made of inferior quality and only 50cm x 33cm.

The prints are suitable for professional framing, framing can be supplied and are of archival quality and will be of a limited production, signed by myself and the model(s)


With shipping, the art prints seem quite expensive?

That is because I take no shortcuts. I use one of Australia's leading photographic printers and each frame is handmade. And before shipping I make sure that each print meets my own quality guidelines for gallery exhibition. 

Each print will also come with a certificate stating it's originality and print number for the given piece. 

For North American customers I do have a printer I can trust which could make things cheaper. Use the contact form and I can get back to you with a quote. 


I'm an Australian Customer is GST charged?

At this stage no GST is levied on the works. 


The prints/posters look different to what is shown on the site?

Due to the wide variety of devices, device settings and monitors, it is nigh on impossible to get the site to look exactly the same. Don't worry, each print is inspected for quality and looks exactly the way I intended


Where does the name A-D-Atelier come from?

My initials and Atelier is the German word for studio


Your studio seems quite basic?

This comes from my Fine Art background. Abstract, Surrealism, Generative/Concrete Photography all stem from the broader spectrum of Minimilist Art. Think Donald Judd, Carle Andre and Robert Morris. 

This is where I'm merging my own Fine Art practice with Fetish Photography. Many of the issues I find with Fetish Photography is that so much of it, is over complicated, messy and the actual subject of the photography gets lost. 

I am however looking at ways to expand the studio to enable more variety in my shoots. 


There is no nudity or black and white photography, how is this art?

It's been done to death. 

Are all of your models into fetish?

Short answer no. 

Long answer. Whilst some models live the kinky lifestlye, they all come from different walks of life, experiences, cultures and occupations. One of them even listens to Justin Bieber...........smh. So there is actually a broad range of people. This is part of the idea behind A-D-Atelier. To make fetish accessible. It doesn't have to be in a dungeon. 


What type of person are you really?

Ex metal worker, turned business administration/consultancy, turned artist. Like my former career my interests are quite varied. I will say that i'm listening to Slayer whilst I type this and I play Lawn Bowls.