After initially being introduced by an early collaborator to A-D-Atelier to purely model, Lily has come on board as a creative partner to A-D-Atelier after common ideas and goals were aligned with the project. 

Being a sex-positive, feminist artist herself and being a student at both University of Newcastle and the Bauhaus. Embracing the concept of A D ATELIER with the achievement in which to remove the stigmatism of latex/fetish/bdsm by making it more accessible, normalised and appreciated artistically. 














A D Atelier was created by Newcastle based artist Allan Duncan. 

Prior to starting this project, Allan Duncan primarily worked in Fine Art and Fashion photography.


He studied for a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) at The University of Newcastle in Australia and spent a year studying Fine Art at the Bauhaus University in Weimar Germany. 

Within Fine Art, Allan is better known for his abstract, surrealist works where he focuses mostly on Concrete and Generative Photography. He has exhibited and been published in both Germany and Australia


A D Atelier was developed initially for academic purposes as he planned to return to postgraduate study where he aimed to explore fetishism, bdsm and the links to fashion, sex positivity and female aesthetic. Whilst doing the original preparation, he saw that his ideas could be better realised if A D Atelier was run commercially as opposed to academically as it allowed him more freedom and scope to bring this work to a far wider audience. 

With A-D-Atelier he aims to make Fetish Photography tasteful, respectful and accessible to a wider audience which is something he founds lacking within the wider realm of fetish photography. 



2008-2014 University of Newcastle

2012-2013 Bauhaus University Weimar Germany

Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Class II Division 1


Selected Exhibitions:

2010: Watt Space Art Gallery

           Die Machine Nightclub

2011: Watt Space Art Gallery

2012: Watt Space Art Gallery (Group Exhibition)

2013: Watt Space Art Gallery

          Cooks Hill Art Gallery (Group Exhibition)

2014: Watt Space Gallery